10 Must-Try Airport and Train Station Restaurants

Are you tired of the same old airport and train station food? Craving something more delicious and exciting during your travels? Look no further! In this article, we are going to unveil 10 must-try airport and train station restaurants that will change your perception of dining on-the-go.From gourmet delights at major international airports to hidden gems in train stations around the world, these culinary destinations offer a wide range of mouthwatering dishes that will satisfy even the most discerning food lovers. Whether you're in London, New York, Tokyo, or any other city, we've got you covered with some delectable options.Imagine indulging in fresh sushi at a conveyor belt restaurant in Tokyo's Narita Airport, savoring a juicy steak at a top-notch bistro in London's King's Cross Station, or feasting on authentic Italian pizza at a trendy spot in New York's JFK Airport. These are just a few examples of the incredible dining experiences waiting for you.So, if you're a travel enthusiast looking to explore new culinary horizons, why settle for mediocre food when you can delight your taste buds with exquisite flavors at these must-try airport and train station restaurants? Get ready to embark on a culinary adventure like no other!

Benefits of Dining at Airport and Train Station Restaurants

Traveling can be exhausting, and finding good food on the go can be a challenge. However, dining at airport and train station restaurants comes with its own set of advantages that make it worth the experience.

Firstly, these restaurants offer convenience. When you're on a tight schedule and need to grab a quick bite, having a restaurant right at the airport or train station saves you time and energy. You don't have to venture far to satisfy your hunger or worry about missing your next connection.

Secondly, airport and train station restaurants have adapted to cater to the needs of travelers. They understand that people have different dietary preferences and restrictions, so you'll often find a wide variety of options to choose from. Whether you're a vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, or have any other dietary requirements, these restaurants have got you covered.

Lastly, dining at these establishments allows you to experience the local cuisine without even leaving the airport or train station. Many of these restaurants pride themselves on serving authentic dishes from the region, giving you a taste of the local flavors even before you step foot outside. It's a fantastic opportunity to get a glimpse of the destination's culinary scene and add a unique touch to your travel experience.

Top 10 Must-Try Airport and Train Station Restaurants

Now that we've discussed the benefits, let's dive into the top 10 must-try airport and train station restaurants. Each of these establishments offers a memorable dining experience that will leave you craving for more.

Restaurant 1: Description and Signature Dishes

Located in the heart of Narita Airport, Tokyo, Restaurant 1 is a hidden gem known for its conveyor belt sushi. Step into this cozy eatery and watch as fresh sushi rolls past you, waiting to be savored. The chefs meticulously craft each piece, ensuring that you get a taste of authentic Japanese flavors. From melt-in-your-mouth sashimi to perfectly seasoned nigiri, Restaurant 1 is a sushi lover's paradise.

Signature Dishes:

  • Salmon Sashimi 
  • Freshly sliced salmon that melts in your mouth.
  • Toro Nigiri 
  • Fatty tuna belly served on a bed of perfectly seasoned rice.
  • Uni Hand Roll 
  • Sea urchin wrapped in crispy seaweed, a delicacy not to be missed.

Restaurant 2: Description and Signature Dishes

Nestled in the bustling King's Cross Station, London, Restaurant 2 is a hidden gem that offers a gastronomic journey. With its contemporary decor and attentive service, this bistro is perfect for indulging in a memorable meal before catching your train. Enjoy the ambiance as you savor a juicy steak cooked to perfection, paired with a glass of fine wine.

Signature Dishes:

  • Ribeye Steak 
  • A succulent cut of beef, cooked to your preferred doneness.
  • Truffle Mac and Cheese 
  • Creamy macaroni infused with truffle oil and topped with a golden crust.
  • Sticky Toffee Pudding 
  • A classic British dessert, served warm with a rich toffee sauce.
  • Restaurant 3: Description and Signature Dishes
  • In the heart of New York's JFK Airport, Restaurant 3 stands out as a trendy spot for pizza lovers. Step into this vibrant eatery and be greeted by the aroma of freshly baked pizzas. The chefs use the finest ingredients and traditional techniques to create mouthwatering pies that will transport you to the streets of Naples. Whether you prefer a classic Margherita or a creative combination, Restaurant 3 has something for everyone.

Signature Dishes:

  • Margherita Pizza 
  • A classic Neapolitan pizza with tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, and basil.
  • Truffle Mushroom Pizza 
  • A decadent blend of earthy mushrooms, truffle oil, and creamy cheese.
  • Nutella Pizza 
  • A sweet treat topped with Nutella, fresh berries, and a dusting of powdered sugar.

Restaurant 4: Description and Signature Dishes

Situated in the heart of Sydney's Central Station, Restaurant 4 is a culinary delight that combines Australian flavors with international influences. With its modern Australian cuisine, this restaurant offers a unique dining experience for travelers. From fresh seafood to perfectly grilled meats, Restaurant 4 showcases the best of what the region has to offer.

Signature Dishes:

  • Barramundi with Lemon Butter Sauce 
  • A delicate fillet of barramundi served with a tangy lemon butter sauce.
  • Kangaroo Steak 
  • A unique Australian delicacy, kangaroo steak is lean and full of flavor.
  • Pavlova 
  • A classic Australian dessert, featuring a meringue base topped with fresh fruits and whipped cream.
  • Restaurant 5: Description and Signature Dishes
  • Located in Dubai International Airport, Restaurant 5 is a culinary oasis that transports you to the Middle East. Step into this elegant eatery and be greeted by the rich aromas of spices and herbs. From traditional Middle Eastern mezze to succulent grilled kebabs, Restaurant 5 offers a true taste of Arabian cui

Signature Dishes:

  • Hummus with Warm Pita Bread 
  • Creamy chickpea dip served with freshly baked pita bread.
  • Lamb Kofta Kebab - Tender ground lamb seasoned with aromatic spices, grilled to perfection.
  • Baklava 
  • Layers of flaky pastry filled with nuts and sweet syrup, a delightful dessert to end your meal.

Restaurant 6: Description and Signature Dishes

In the heart of Paris' Gare du Nord, Restaurant 6 brings a touch of French elegance to the train station. This charming brasserie offers a cozy atmosphere where you can relax and enjoy classic French dishes. From escargots to coq au vin, Restaurant 6 showcases the culinary traditions that make France famous.

Signature Dishes:

  • Escargots de Bourgogne 
  • Traditional Burgundy snails cooked in garlic and parsley butter.
  • Coq au Vin 
  • A hearty dish of chicken braised in red wine with mushrooms and onions.
  • Crème Brûlée 
  • A creamy custard dessert with a caramelized sugar topping, a French classic.

Restaurant 7: Description and Signature Dishes

Nestled in Frankfurt Airport, Restaurant 7 offers a taste of German cuisine in a modern setting. This stylish eatery combines traditional flavors with a contemporary twist, creating dishes that are both comforting and innovative. From hearty sausages to mouthwatering pretzels, Restaurant 7 is a must-visit for those craving authentic German fare.

Signature Dishes:

  • Currywurst 
  • A popular German street food, featuring a grilled sausage smothered in curry ketchup.
  • Schnitzel 
  • Thinly pounded and breaded pork or veal, fried to golden perfection.
  • Black Forest Cake 
  • A rich chocolate cake layered with cherries and whipped cream, a German classic.

Restaurant 8: Description and Signature Dishes

Located in Barcelona's El Prat Airport, Restaurant 8 is a vibrant tapas bar that celebrates the flavors of Spain. Step into this lively establishment and be transported to the streets of Barcelona. From patatas bravas to paella, Restaurant 8 offers a true taste of Spanish cuisine, paired with a selection of regional wines.

Signature Dishes:

  • Patatas Bravas 
  • Crispy fried potatoes served with a spicy tomato sauce and aioli.
  • Gambas al Ajillo 
  • Sizzling garlic prawns cooked in olive oil and served with crusty bread.
  • Churros with Chocolate Sauce 
  • Deep-fried dough pastries dusted with sugar, served with thick chocolate sauce for dipping.

Restaurant 9: Description and Signature Dishes

In the heart of Hong Kong International Airport, Restaurant 9 stands out as a culinary gem that showcases the best of Cantonese cuisine. This elegant restaurant offers a fine dining experience, with a menu that features traditional dishes prepared with a modern twist. From dim sum to roasted meats, Restaurant 9 delights the senses with its exquisite flavors.

Signature Dishes:

  • Har Gow 
  • Steamed shrimp dumplings wrapped in translucent rice flour skin.
  • Peking Duck 
  • Roasted duck served with pancakes, scallions, and hoisin sauce.
  • Mango Sago Pomelo
  • A refreshing dessert with diced mango, sago pearls, and pomelo pulp in a sweet coconut milk base.

Restaurant 10: Description and Signature Dishes

Situated in Rome's Termini Station, Restaurant 10 offers a taste of Italian cuisine in a charming setting. This trattoria serves up classic dishes that capture the essence of Italy's culinary traditions. From fresh pasta to wood-fired pizza, Restaurant 10 is a haven for food lovers seeking an authentic Italian experience.

Signature Dishes:

  • Spaghetti Carbonara 
  • A creamy pasta dish with pancetta, eggs, and grated pecorino cheese.
  • Margherita Pizza 
  • A simple yet delicious pizza topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella, and fresh basil.
  • Tiramisu 
  • A heavenly dessert made with layers of ladyfingers soaked in coffee and mascarpone cream.

Tips for Dining at Airport and Train Station Restaurants

Plan ahead:

Research the airport or train station ahead of time to find out which restaurants are available and their operating hours. This will ensure that you have enough time to enjoy your meal without rushing.

Check reviews:

Look up reviews or recommendations for the restaurants you're interested in. This will give you an idea of the quality of food and service, helping you make an informed decision.

Consider reservations:

If you're traveling during peak hours or visiting a popular restaurant, it's advisable to make a reservation. This will save you from waiting in long queues and guarantee you a table.

Be mindful of time:

Keep track of your departure or train time, ensuring that you have enough time to enjoy your meal and make it to your next destination without any stress.

Try local specialties:

Take advantage of the opportunity to try local dishes. Airport and train station restaurants often showcase regional flavors, allowing you to sample the cuisine of the destination you're visiting.

Enjoy the experience:

Dining at airport and train station restaurants can be a unique and memorable experience. Take the time to savor your meal, soak in the ambiance, and enjoy the culinary journey.


Next time you find yourself at an airport or train station, don't settle for mediocre food. Explore the incredible dining options available and embark on a culinary adventure. From sushi in Tokyo to steak in London, these 10 must-try airport and train station restaurants offer a world of flavors waiting to be discovered. So, indulge your taste buds, immerse yourself in the local cuisine, and make your travels even more delicious. Bon appétit and safe travels!