25 Easy Midweek Meals

The great secret to the best midweek meals is that it is all about the preparation. By this, we really mean that it makes things so much simpler if you have all your ingredients at hand and know more or less what you are going to cook.

Here we have some super suggestions for tasty, nutritious meals and hopefully simple enough for our busy lifestyles.

This is the time for things like one-pot cooking and combining all the flavours of meat, vegetables and other goodies in hearty recipes.

It is so great to spend your time preparing starters, maybe a light consommé soup and following with a fish dish and then moving on to richer, heavier meat combinations. But, when you are more concerned with work deadlines, the kids doing their homework and all the things that life throws at us, it is the time for simplicity.

Baking in casserole dishes or in slow cookers allows us to really just throw ingredients together and let a high temperature oven do all the work for us.

The key to success is in well-selected ingredients and recipes that you can follow. One great tip is to send yourself an email of your favourite dishes with clear subject headings, and then you reduce all the time looking for these types of instructions. Try it with a few of our super simple suggestions from this mouth-watering list.

Another great idea is that you marinate a few cuts of meat or chicken the night before you want to cook so that a lot of flavours are already taken care of.

One other great mid-week method is to try and use up the left-over ingredients in your fridge by making a hearty savoury soup, after all this is how much loved ‘peasant’ dishes were put together.