24 Comforting Soul Food Recipes

Just writing ‘soul food’ feels good, and boy oh boy, are there good reasons to feel comforted by this particular ethnic cuisine! This is the food of the glorious South of the United States. Yes, we are talking ‘finger lickin’ good’ as this encompasses food like fried chicken with mac ‘n’ cheese. If you head on down the highway, on what was Route 66, to the American South, you’ll start to see signs reading Soul Food all over the fronts of small family-run diners and restaurants.

We now live in a world that relishes all things nostalgic, and soul food is that type of honest, homely cooking that your grandma used to make. Or, rather you wished your grandma had made if you had grown up in Alabama, Georgia or Mississippi!

The term Soul Food comes from the 1960s and 70s, but we are really talking about food that represents a black culture and goes back a long long way. This is the food that fed the workers after a long day, so it is about filling your stomach and your soul. Cornbread, beans, pork and gravy all play a part in this type of cooking.

This is high calorie food as it fed the plantation workers of the deep South. The use of deep-frying, mixing meats with vegetables and bread-coating meat and fish is the staple of this type of cuisine.

One other great characteristic of Soul Food is the love of cooked greens and sweet potatoes.

It’s really interesting to see that the traditions of southern Soul Food is not so different from the way Chinese food makes use of basic ingredients and cheap cuts and produces something delicious by simply frying. Don’t forget to try southern black-eyed peas, fried okra and pecan pie!