22 Best Bread Recipes

What’s not to like, as they say! One of the absolute joys of bread making has to be waking up to the smell of freshly baked bread. The sweet aroma of the baked yeast dough of a simple white loaf to a richer sourdough bread is simply divine. The only difficulty you will have is deciding which of these fantastic recipes to follow, as the varieties of different classic breads to bake is sometimes quite overwhelming. The best advice is to keep things simple and start off with a straightforward recipe.

Whichever bread recipe you choose, with a bit of tender loving care it’s likely that all you will need to accompany this fresh out of the oven delight is a bit of butter! Yes, this is the type of food that you had better make two of, one for eating now and one for just a bit later on!

Bread making is ancient, and there are so many traditions associated with this craft. From the unleavened flatbreads, we associate with the Middle East, such as the pita, to the French baguette.

Flour, water and yeast are the essentials that form most common types, but when we start to research the ingredients, even the list of flours are extensive from white, rye and wholegrain varieties.

The only limitation for home baking is what type of oven or bread-maker you can use. Commercial breads use aeration, steam and even added chemicals in the production of a saleable loaf, but you don't need anything so complicated.

Don’t forget that it is not just a savoury tradition but there are sweetbreads like the French brioche. Explore the recipes here and you are sure to find your perfect loaf.