25 Best Dinner Ideas For Winter

Winter time is possibly the most creative time for chefs and home cooks alike due to the focus and attention given to  good eating. It's a time for great family brunches, lunches and dinner parties. The trick is to try and balance out our basic desire for fatty foods and sugary snacks, with healthier options.

It's a great time of year to cook with leafy green vegetables and explore recipes that might offer a new take on old standard ingredients. Check out your local sellers for spinach, kale and all things green. It is becoming an established fact that these types of vegetables can help with preventing Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), so that's a great bonus!

One other great source of goodness is from lentils and beans. These are high in protein and folic acid. Think about a few vegetarian options in the build-up to Christmas, as it will make all the rich festive foods taste even better!

Citrus fruits are also in season. Stock up on oranges, kiwis and limes to boost your immunity and help increase your vitamin C supplies. Obviously, there are some delicious ways to incorporate these into your diet, but don't forget that even a simple fruit salad might be all you need after one of our excellent main meal recipe suggestions.