18 winter Holiday Treats for Kids

One of the best ways to both entertain and treat your kids during what can be long days inside over the holidays, is to brave up and get them involved in making and baking something colourful and tasty.

There are so many benefits from getting a little messy in the kitchen with your kids. Firstly, it will get them to pay attention and learn some basic hand skills, and secondly get them away from a television or tablet!

You can choose something simple, but try to get your kids to stir something, measure or weigh some ingredients. For younger aged children this is a great and practical way to use numbers and undertand the importance of litres, kilograms or grams.

But, if you want to surprise your kids and simply make them some fun food then we hope our ideas set out below will help.

It would help if you chose something that you think your kids will enjoy.

Whether they have a great love for animals, Father Christmas or just love colourful things there are so many ways to spoil kids in the kitchen!

The other great idea is to bake something simple with them and then they can proudly offer these as presents for Grandma or a favourite teacher. Even if the result is not perfect it’s the idea that counts and I’m sure the kids will have a great time getting covered in a little sugar and flour.