The 23 Best Hangover Foods

The ‘hair of the dog’, or whatever you would want to call it, is fairly elusive hangover cure but a fun notion all the same. There are some wonderful old-fashioned remedies involving long, complicated ingredient lists and quite often raw eggs somewhere down the line. The truth is that it is essentially about increasing your energy levels through high proteins and a mild hit of alcohol to numb the pain!

Stem ginger is a wonderful cure it all type of remedy, but the main tried and tested property is that it really does provide anti-nausea qualities.

The truth of the matter is that we all crave carbohydrates and high fructose so even a bowl of good old-fashioned porridge may help out after a night on the beers! But many would agree that a hearty breakfast, if not quite the ‘Full English’, may help the sensitive post party types in their martyr like status.

I suppose the real animals will quite rightly insist on a bloody steak or a pork chop as the body is screaming out for a high protein boost. It is also not so surprising that a glass of freshly squeezed citrus fruit, i.e orange juice, is also a very much in demand order for the battle weary.

Hopefully, you may find solace in our wonderful list of 23 top cures for the party animal in you. Cheers!