Top 20 Food Ideas in December

It’s beginning to look a lot like December! The light is fading, and there’s frost on the grass in the early mornings. The great thing about the winter culinary season is that we all like to eat well, and there are lots of great seasonal foods to indulge in!

One thig for sure is that the shorter days most certainly affect our mood at this time of year. So, to counter the lack of serotonin and general well-being we must try to counter this by eating wisely. We want to survive the cold, and so it is pretty much a hardwired instinct to desire high calories from our food.

Eating well in December and the colder months also means that we provide our bodies with energy which in turn allows our bodies to warm up. The only danger is that we tend to indulge in fatty foods and have a strong desire for sweet sugary foods. So let’s try and balance our families natural desires with some healthy food ideas. It’s a great time to utilise all those wonderful winter root vegetables and exotic fruits. Vegetables like kale and broccoli, leafy greens and seafood can also be a delicious way to offset our bodies’ sometimes unhealthy demands.

We hope you enjoy some of our December recipe suggestions and balance high flavours with a bit of heath and nutrition!