11 New Year's Foods For Good Luck

We all like the idea of having luck, and it's fair to say most of us hold some pretty funny food superstitions. With the New Year soon here, it's good fun to consider what foods to offer friends and family with the added dimension of 'good luck' as a very positive offering!

Most countries and cultures follow particular New year traditions, and this is often made evident by what foods and drinks offer hope for the coming year. Whether you consider lentils good luck or enjoy a bowl of long noodles as they do in Asia, it's possible to choose foods that can be delicious and herald in good fortune.

Green is an excellent theme, from the Irish clover to greenback dollar bills it can be great fun to add this colour to a New Year spread. So be sure to eat something green on January the 1st , and let's face it eating something green isn't usually a bad thing!

If you happen to be in Spain or have Hispanic friends, then be sure to have a supply of grapes to usher in the strike of midnight. You can always add to this great tradition and put the cheese board beside a generous bunch of grapes, for the best of both possible worlds.

Hopefully, you will get a few ideas from our 11 New Year Foods listed below,  feed your guests and bring about a positive new beginning for all concerned! Cheers!