10 Meals Perfect For When It's Cold Outside

One of the glorious attributes of cooking for a group of friends or family is when you can really change how someone is feeling by simply offering a bowl of hot food. Most of us would agree that despite losing some of the freshness of summer menus we can choose recipes that really satisfy and can be packed full of flavours to keep out the cold.

One classic piece of advice is to use what is more readily available in the market. It really is best to buy and cook seasonal foods. This, as we know is an excellent time for poultry and also a good time to cook cuts of meat that will stand up to an hour or so in a casserole dish or hot pot.

With some of these Winter dishes, just chop up some of the great root vegetables like potatoes and carrots to cook slowly.

French style cooking means sometimes adding a generous splash of wine to beef or pork which produces those irresistible aromas in the kitchen. Make sure you have a decent stock that you can use in some of these dishes. Perhaps, consider making a batch of homemade chicken stock and then freezing into cubes. This is very simple to do with a few basic ingredients and will really add flavour to some hearty recipes.

Have a good look at our '10 Meals Perfect For When It's Cold Outside' as we are sure there is something delicious here for everyone to enjoy!