12 Great Ideas for Your Winter Holiday Menu

One of the most extraordinary things about the Winter holidays is, yes, you've guessed it, food and drink!

Whatever, we do it is essential to put in a bit of effort for friends and family as we will always reap the benefits from a happy household. However, it is also a time to plan meals carefully as it is essential to avoid turkey and all the trimmings until the big day.

Be aware of all those wonderful winter fruits and vegetables, seafood and selected meats that are best during the cold months.

It’s a great time to make meals that make no sense when the heat of the summer comes, and all you really desire is a fresh green salad and a barbeque.

So, ideally, the time is right for using all those winter vegetables, and why not add some extra flavour by experimenting with some spices to add a little kick to your food. Whether you are making a soup or main meal it is such a delight to select the right spice for the right occasion. Butternut squash, spinach and other root vegetables can all be transformed by a pinch of turmeric,cumin or coriander.

When you are in your local fruit and vegetable market, try your best to buy local seasonal products. Not only will the price be competitive but the quality is incomparable. We sincerely hope you get some inspiration from our '12 great ideas for your Winter holiday menu'.