14 Best Christmas Party Food Ideas

Let the countdown begin! Yes, it’s the Christmas party season, and it’s the time to over-indulge and enjoy the best things in life!

It’s also a great time of year to try making some new bites and nibbles to satisfy visiting guests in our homes. Whether it’s the in-laws or a group of new acquaintances, nothing says ‘homely’ more than an inviting plate of bite-sized snacks at this time of year!


The great thing about part food is that it really is up to you to decide what feels right as there are no rules. Perhaps, the making process can involve simply baking a delicious bread or you may want to get extravagant and produce something worthy of a Michelin star!

The first consideration has to be who’s coming and more importantly, how many mouths to feed. One great aim is to try and aim for foods that will allow you to have fun and chat with guests without having to do too much, when you should be out of the kitchen and drinking bubbles with the rest of the gang.

Party food can be themed, perhaps you like the idea of classic bites like tapas or canapés which can allow for some delicious quality ingredients to dominate. If it’s a big crowd and you are wanting simplicity then you can always rely on soups and a warming slice of garlic bread to please most guests in the cold.

Take a look at our recipes and get inspired!