16 Comforting Winter Recipes Perfect for Cold Days

There’s nothing quite like hearty home cooking to warm you up after a day out in cold winter weather. Better still, if it’s already in a pot, just to leave cooking for an hour or so while you warm up. This is when soups and hotpot dishes really show their star qualities, as the preparation is usually fairly straightforward and the cooking can be done without precise timing. Consider investing in a slow-cooker so that you can really tenderise certain tougher meats like pheasant and venison that can make winter eating that much more enticing.

The Winter is all about instincts to survive the cold and our need to eat food to provide our bodies with heat. It’s also time to utilise what’s local and seasonal. If you can, buying local produce, particularly vegetables will not only help your community but it also means you will get good quality and the best flavours.

Kale, leek, spinach and butternut squash are just some of the veggies that are worth keeping an eye out for in your shops.

Also, don’t forget that even with just a few well selected spices it’s amazing what can be done with the simplest of root vegetables. So be sure to add a few sprinkles of smoked paprika or curry spices.

Even the humble potato can come alive with a little imagination.

A good fishmonger is also a great help in the winter months. When you next read a sign that may say ‘Catch of the Day’ go in and ask what are the best buys. Salmon, scallops and oysters can be more readily available at this time of year.

Hopefully you will enjoy ‘16 Comforting Winter Recipes Perfect for Cold Days’ and find something to inspire you to cook something a bit special!