20 Winter Dinner Recipes to Fall in Love With

Autumn to winter is always a special time of year and we can celebrate the change of season by cooking dishes that say a gentle farewell to the summer. If you look at the autumn market, there are many reasons why some chefs find this a very inspiring time for preparing food. Seasonal fruits and vegetables can make our dinners something special and different from the dishes belonging to other seasons.

It's a fantastic time to get out the casserole dish or hot pot and serve up some dinners that will warm up and delight all your family and friends. The great thing about this type of cooking is that once the main preparations are done, slow cooking means you can get on and enjoy an hour or two for the finer things in life! It's a great time to select a fine wine to accompany your lamb or venison casserole. Perhaps, the best thing is to do nothing, put your feet up and listen to some inspiring music before your guests arrive. The advantages of a one pot wonder meals are clear and you can always garnish with parsley to take away the guilt!

Let's not forget the wonderful pumpkin, and if you want to move away from the natural sweetness why not add some Indian curry spices for a real winter taste sensation. The colour is something straight out of Rajasthan and the blending of the right spices can really wow any dinner guests. The great advantage of cooking a pot of pumpkin curry is that it can be cooked the day before as the flavours develop and enhance the taste. Summer foods may be all about freshness and immediacy, but we can take our time with these types of dishes.

Why not take a closer look at what the market has to offer, whether its mushrooms, kale, leeks or the abundance of apples, winter is a great time for dinner parties and cooking for loved ones. Here we bring you twenty winter dinner recipes that you are sure to fall in love with, so be sure to try them over the coming weeks.