15 Easy Potato Recipes

The humble potato is quite a wonderful vegetable that needs to be highlighted and appreciated more in our recipes and cooking methods. It is a staple in Northern European cuisine but it is so very adaptable that it's always worth re-considering what to do with it.

Even when buying potatoes, it's a good idea to select the right type for the job in hand. Generally speaking, the higher starch varieties like King Edward or the yellow-skinned varieties are the ones that make the best mash potatoes. For roasting, it's often recommended to try Maris Piper or similar for that fluffy interior we all know and love from the perfect roast dinner.

The most inspiring thing about potato dishes is that each nation seems to have their own take on things. A Potato Salad can vary from a mayonnaise treat to a light drizzle of olive oil with a generous sprinkling of basil or whatever herbs are available. What is fascinating about the potatoes is that even 'chips' are up to interpretation.

The French fry competes with the thicker fries of Belgian fame, which are distinguished by being double-fried and traditionally cooked in beef fat! Perhaps, we can see that the English Fish 'n' Chip shop's thick cut chips are closer to the famous Belgian fries than they are to the thinner type. Let's not forget that potatoes can be layered and cooked in a pot with sour cream and eggs like they do in Central Europe.

Another fantastic method is to grate and make a Swiss Rosti potato dish that can be cut into, similar in some ways to the delightful Spanish tortilla. For some, breakfast wouldn't be breakfast without a crispy hash brown on the side. Here are 15 Easy Potato Recipes that we hope will inspire you to do greater things with the great potato!