10 Super Cozy Slow Cooker Recipes to Make This Winter

After running around all summer, it’s time to chill and take your time to make some winter favourites as slow as you like! Whether you use a classic ceramic pot, slow cooker or a French style casserole dish, you can savour how cooking in this slow way can be so different from other seasons. What could be better than to set the timer for 2 or 3 hours and allow seasonal meats, vegetables and pulses to come together in a one-pot meal?

The real advantage of slow cooker recipes is that you can cook poultry such as pheasant or grouse to perfection, as the time allows the meats to tenderise over the extended cooking times. The key is to select cuts that are on the bone as these really benefit from this method of cooking.

This is a great time of year to aim for those rich sauces that can be produced by combining fall veggies with those delicious meat juices. A good stock is one of the chef's secrets to slow cooking, so why not make a batch of homemade stock with any leftover meat bones and vegetables? You can make a few litres of rich stock and then freeze it for the next meal! Some ingenious chefs put their stock to freeze in ice cube holders.

Beans are another part of this type of ‘forget the rush’ cooking, because beans and pulses add so much flavour and texture to a pot of food. In fact, a vegetarian bean casserole with seasonal vegetables and a little spice can be a wonderful mid-week treat for the whole family.

So set the timer and let the oven and your favourite pot do all the work for you this season. We hope you will find something to your taste in the collection of slow cook recipes you can find below.