9 Best Winter Recipes

One of the many joys of the winter months is the wonderful change of colours in the leaves we can enjoy in the garden and nearby woodlands. October is an excellent time for appreciating all that is homely and cosy; this can be reflected by what we cook and eat too! For many of us, it is a magical season full of changes after a long summer of outdoor fun. It’s time to find your favourite cardigan and put on thicker socks as the temperatures drop and the days get shorter.

December foods can be great fun for the home cook and fine dining chef alike by adding certain spices like cinnamon and nutmeg to those apple dishes. After a summer of great salads and freshness, we can now start to enjoy richer dishes that reflect our moods and feelings.

Pear and walnuts come into season and can be a great addition to an December menu. Pears are often more readily available in the markets and shops, so bear this in mind when preparing to bake. Venison is another seasonal treat for those that appreciate this underused rich meat. Perhaps ask your local butcher next time about venison and why not try making sausages or ask if they are available. This is also a great time of year to celebrate the great roast dinner, and why not indulge with a great piece of pork or lamb. With any cuts of pork you can use up all those December apples and make a delicious apple sauce as a great condiment to the savoury flavours of roasted pork. 

Here we present the 9 best December recipes for you to celebrate the varied taste delights of this special season!