8 Healthy Early Winter Recipes

It is easy to over indulge at any time of year, but in the Winter season, it’s important to keep your dishes varied and healthy for you and the whole family. So let’s consider eating more wonderful veggies and fruits than increasing our roast potato count this season! The truth is that the more we vary our Winter menus and improve our diets, the better we feel. Now that the days are getting shorter and warm sunny days are less frequent, we need to eat well and increase the amount of vitamins and minerals in our meals. If we are sensible with our eating regime, there is no real need for supplements from the pharmacy.

Kale is now in season and it is full of nutrients. If added to the right dish, it can be a delicious option now that the salad season is nearing its end. Leeks are another great late autumn beginning of winter  vegetable that we should use more often. Mushrooms can now be picked in the forests, but you must get them checked by a local expert if you are unsure of any particular variety. Fungi, like the white and black truffle, provide wonderfully seasonal flavours and often only require the simplest of recipes to enjoy.

When our bodies are starting to feel the cold, it’s time to increase the quantities of garlic, ginger and even onions to help our bodies fight the changes in weather and reduced daylight hours. We hope you enjoy our 8 Healthy autumn recipes below and that they inspire you to eat healthier dishes this season.