6 Black Food Ideas

This end of year why not add that extra gothic element and go black! No, we’re not talking about putting on that old black dinner jacket or painting your nails black. We are pushing the chef of the family to create a table full of black looking treats that will see Frankenstein and Dracula queuing up around the block for!

Besides just overcooking and burning everything to a cinder, there are some clever ways to bring out the spirit of Halloween. Maybe a good idea is to start by finding a black table cloth and matching all black cutlery!

This is a very creative task and will need a bit of thinking about and careful selection of ingredients to provide your spooky guests with some dark delights.

How about finding the darkest chocolate and making a really black cake? Poppy seeds might help with this hellish concoction as they provide taste, texture and the right tone. You may even add the darkest fruit jam that may fit with this monochrome delight.

For savoury, then mushrooms can cook down to almost a black and if you need to colour an ingredient, the secret to success is the darkest squid ink. It may add a saltiness to your Halloween hack but with the right care it may taste as good as it looks!

Why not hunt down some black garlic which is perfect for this ghostly adventure and may even ward off some vampires too!

The next time you are in the market, keep an eye out for dark purple potatoes that when roasted will turn dark enough for even the Adams family to crack a smile!

If you can add a nice black rice pudding to the proceedings this should make your Halloween guests howl with laughter. Explore the below black food ideas and then get busy in your Halloween kitchen.