15 Delicious Things You Should Eat In December

December is an exciting time of year for chefs and home cooks, as there are so many wonderful winter vegetables and produce available at this time of the year. When the weather is getting colder, turn up the heat and add plenty of spice to your food. December eating can mean eating seasonal fruits and vegetables, but also, for many of us, we get to see imports like clementines and dates coming to our markets and shops, and they can really add so much to our meals and recipes.

At this time of year, not only do we see squash like pumpkins, we should try and find a way to cook with sweet potatoes or Swiss chard that become available for us to buy in markets and shops.

One key to good home cooking is to keep things varied and to use seasonal produce as much as you can. The main thinking behind this is that it not only tastes good but it also means that your family meals are different throughout the year. In many places, we get to see artichokes that, when prepared well, only need a dollop of butter and seasoning to offer a great starter.

It's the time of year to really enjoy winter root vegetables, whether you add these to a paprika-rich goulash or simply roasted. Turnips, parsnips and carrots are all available and are used in many fantastic dishes.

If, however, you are a real fan of salads, fear not, the radish is back with a vengeance. Radishes look great and add a wonderful peppery taste to a winter salad dish. Watercress is another great seasonal offering that can not only make any side dish taste great but it looks so appetising too. Here you can find fifteen delicious things to eat in December. We hope you enjoy our seasonal suggestions!