23 Healthy Summer Recipes

When the wind is howling at the windows and snow is piling up at the door there’s nothing more comforting than a nice hearty stew or a bowl of soup; but now that the nights are getting longer and the temperatures are rising maybe it’s time to rethink your menu.

Healthy eating facilitates the digestive system.

With fruit and vegetables becoming more readily available and many of us looking for lighter and healthier recipes, this is the perfect time to try something new whether it’s in the kitchen or on the grill.

It is also worth remembering that with the increase in fuel prices many foods are becoming more and more expensive, particularly if they are imported. Making the most of locally grown produce can mean not only eating fresher and healthier ingredients but also helping your bank balance and reducing expenses. Not only are you helping local businesses and reducing carbon emissions but because there is less time spent getting the food from the field to your plate you are also getting fresher, healthier and more vitamin-rich ingredients.

Whether you are looking for new and exciting flavours, to reduce your food bills, or to improve your health, here you will find a variety of recipes to tingle your taste buds and help you get the most out of your kitchen this summer.