Top 20 Food Ideas in January

January is a funny old month in so far as it marks both a beginning and an end. This is the time for resolutions and aims for all things new. For the chef of the house, it is a critical time to try out a few new dishes and experiment with a few different flavour combinations. Following the celebrations of Christmas and New Year, it feels rather quiet. This is why it’s an excellent opportunity to throw a dinner party or cook a dish you’ve been meaning to and never got around to making.

In this sense, with some of our great recipes outlined here you can throw caution to the wind and forget about any traditional, familiar foods of the festive season. Food can help or hinder your energy levels when returning to work or school, and so it is a good idea to get your body in check with a healthy balanced diet too. After the winter holidays it is quite possible to have some leftovers that can be the basis for some classic but economical dishes.

The recipes in this collection are all season appropriate and easy to follow, so take a look below and starting planning your January menus.