9 Fig Recipes to Make the Most While They're Fresh

Figs are fruits with an extremely rich history. Back in ancient Egyptian times, pharaohs ate fresh figs on a daily basis. During the Roman era, every Roman citizen regularly enjoyed fresh figs, and this was no different when it came to the great Roman emperors. And if that is not yet enough, figs are often called the food of the gods. This may be primarily because figs feature in many different mythologies, yet, it is also due to the divine taste of this delicious fruit.

Figs are exceptionally sweet fruit and are not only known for their taste but their appearance as well. Figs consist of many complex structures and are beautifully colored, both inside and out. However, it is the taste that truly makes figs stand out and as it is so rich and versatile, you can incorporate them into many different dishes.

Figs are harvested when they are ripe. However, they cannot be kept for very long and while dried figs are amazing and tasty too, figs are truly at their best when they are fresh. When they are fresh, you can use them to create the most delicious desserts and pastries. You could also grill them and combine them with different kinds of meats. Alternatively, you could combine them with cheese.

On this page, you will find a collection of recipes that call for fresh figs and we are sure that after trying a few of them, you will start looking forward to fresh fig season year in year out.