20 Weeknight Dinners For February

The good news about cooking in February is that there are still have many great and affordable fruits and veggies widely available in our local shops and market stalls. Yes, you may well have to wait for certain ingredients to make a comeback, but isn’t it a joy to try when possible to hunker down and utilise the best of each season?

There are familiars like kale, cauliflower, cabbages and sprouts all vying for attention (not frying, I’ll hasten to add)! It’s not what you do it’s the way that you do it, as the song goes. Bananas! Yes, bananas should never be ignored or seen as just something for the lunchbox generation. They do, after all, make the most wonderful desserts too.

Here are a few suggestions from the Fooddiez team for some weeknight dinners that can be prepared and cooked fairly quickly. When you are short on time but want something fresh tasting and nutritious, we hope that this selection will offer something that everyone can enjoy. It’s time to celebrate Winter’s end and appreciate all those ingredients that are in abundance at this time of year. We hope you get inspired and get cooking!