17 No-Fuss Ideas For When You Dont Know What to Make For Dinner

Sometimes even the keenest foody need to switch off and re-boot. This is precisely when we all need a dinner plan that is no fuss and simple to make. One thing for sure is that half the skills of a good cook is the menu planning. What do we mean by this? Well, it’s all very well if you are a Jamie Oliver or a Gordon Ramsey, with a team of researchers and shoppers that assist behind the scenes but most of us need to shop, cook and serve without much assistance!

The whole point of planning is that it starts with an idea, then this needs to evolve somehow into a shopping list and then finally into a well executed meal for a given  number of diners. What we all occasionally crave is to avoid having to scrach our heads over what to cook. Here below is what we hope is an interesting selection of meals that can be simply carried out, with only the most simple of ingredients and without too many special stages involved in the cooking process. We sincerely hope you find something that inspires you!