15 Simple Dinner Ideas for Healthy Eating in Real Life

One general truth is that most of us would like to eat more healthily but can only spend a limited time, money and energy on this. However, with a little consideration, we can achieve a balanced healthy diet by being aware of some basic food facts.

Number one, to eat healthily means eating fruit and vegetables, despite the occasional urban myth that may suggest an Atkins meat diet is of benefit. Fruit and vegetables are the simplest way to provide our bodies with the all-important supplies of vitamins and minerals essential to a healthy lifestyle.

Yes, peasants and country people may indeed have eaten diets limited to fatty meats and very limited supplies of fresh ingredients. However, they also worked the land and did not sit and stare at screens continuously either. The somewhat sedentary modern lifestyle needs a very different diet from what our ancestors ate.

One simple tip is to make sure that your plates of food have a variety of colours on them, which will be both attractive on the eye but also provide a nutritious and balanced diet. The colours will come from the addition of fruit and a variety of veggies!

Here you can find fifteen simple to make and healthy dinner recipes that can be made easily, even with the pressures of a modern lifestyle.