14 Special Occasion Food Ideas

Making a special dinner or even lunch can be quite daunting but with a little careful planning and a few well-chosen ingredients, it can really be a fun challenge. One of the best ways of menu planning is to choose a main course that you are happy and confident with, and then design your starters and desserts around these flavours.

For example, if you fancy cooking a spicy main course then it’s quite nice to have a light refreshing dessert choice to complement this. Another way to approach these types of meals is to try to stick to a theme. If you decide to have a French style meal, then it’s quite a good idea to stick with this and so the dinner won’t feel fragmented. Although, saying that, ‘fusion’ cookery is very trendy but this really takes a lot more thinking over and planning to pull off.

It's always important to also bear in mind that ‘presentation is everything’ and that if you make simple dishes well and serve them with a little care your guests will appreciate them all the better.

So, saying that we do hope you enjoy our 14 Special occasion foods ideas!