13 Seductive Chocolate Recipes You Need to Try Now

Chocolate has ancient roots dating back centuries with both the Mayan and Aztec people of Mexico and Central America. It was prepared as drink and is depicted in artefacts that show our historic love of the cocoa pod and all things chocolate. It is a fascinating history that even describes the addition of chili, vanilla and honey by the Aztec Indians to a bitter cold chocolate drink. The journey of the cocoa bean from the Spanish conquistadors to the highest courts of Europe is naturally full of passion and romance.

It is not a great surprise that chocolate is one of the most popular flavours in the world and that certain chemicals in good chocolate bear a resemblance to chemicals released when we are in love. Whether you decide to bake a cake, make some chocolate brownies or refine a chocolate dessert mousse, it is a sure-fire way of expressing love to your chosen one!

Just take a look at the shops before Valentine's Day, and you will see how much we rely on all things chocolate to show our most inner feelings for someone. Dark, milk or white chocolates can be used in this most romantic dessert-making. It is always great fun to watch the expression of pure delight on someone's face who adores chocolate. The passion is there for all to see!

Why not add a bit more romance and make a dessert into a heart-shape if you really want to make a point. What could be more romantic than this? Well, you could always think about making chocolate flowers if your love is that real!