12 Green Food Ideas

Green represents so many vital elements of life to us that it is always a very important part of great cooking. Eat up your greens or you won’t have any desert was often told to children of a certain generation. This was sound advice, as the instruction was clear, that green vegetables are healthy and they will provide nutrients to young and old alike.

For many, green food means that you feel good about eating as by and large salads and raw or cooked vegetables contain the things we can eat more of and not feel guilty about doing so.

After a long cold winter, the bright infinite shades of green in the spring and summer are always such a joy. Scientifically speaking chlorophyll is the green pigment that absorbs the most energy from sunlight in plants and trees. When we present a fresh green plate of summer salad leaves, we are consuming this marvellous freshness that is incomparable to other coloured food types.

Green has long been associated with wealth and trade when we consider classical European histories. It is also tied to the idea of lush vegetation, which has always represented paradise. Considering the annual rainfall and ample grassland in Ireland, it is of no surprise that it is the colour of the Gaelic and Irish cultures. So don’t forget to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by adding as many green dishes as you can think of.

In terms of language, the root of the word green comes from the Middle English word ‘grene’, which linguistically connects to both grass and grow.

So enjoy our 12 green food ideas and celebrate this most wonderful colour in your kitchens!