10 Best Yellow Food Ideas

Whether you like your eggs sunny side up or like to add a pinch of saffron to a dish, the colour yellow is one of the essential hues of great cooking. The cliché may be true but you need to allow some sunshine into your life, and this can also mean adding a splash of citrus yellow to your meals too.

It is so very true that fine dining attracts all our senses and that presentation is everything in this respect.

What better than a really strong yellow lemon tart after a dark savoury meal?

Many great chefs will aim to select their menus based on colour preferences. Yellow can come from many sources and vary from a savoury Indian dal to a grilled sweetcorn soup. However, if you choose to use yellow in you cooking it will certainly add zest to your eating. In nature, we see yellow represented as autumn leaves that tell tales of passing time. Yellow flowers of summer attract bees and offer us the cycle of life through the magic of pollination.

The actual colour is present through natural pigments called carotenoids that give the range of colours to a whole range of flora and fauna. The yolk of an egg is one of the most fantastic sources of nutrition and the wonderful colour is always a pleasure on the eye.

In the ancient world, yellow has been used from the ochres of the cave art of Lascaux to the depiction of gold in the art of the Egyptians. Yellow is a wonderful and powerful colour to think about when you bake a cake or cook a turmeric fuelled curry. Here we present our 10 best yellow food ideas for you to enjoy!