10 Easy Desserts for Effortless Entertaining

What better way to keep friends and family happy than to offer a delicious dessert after a satisfying savoury meal? It's also a great idea to enjoy the challenge of selecting your sweets to contrast with the main dish, whether that is a grilled rack of lamb or a simple pasta dish. In this sense, a well-considered way to end a meal can be the difference between a good dinner party and an unforgettable evening.

If it's something refreshing you feel you need, then perhaps think about making a zesty citrus desert full of lemons or oranges. Or if you feel the main meal, maybe a fine fillet of fish, is quite light then why not go all out for a rich dark chocolate pudding! Contrast is a really effective tool in a chef's box of tools, which is what you see when you read a refined menu in a decent restaurant.

Or if you plan on climbing Everest and need a few extra calories and some energy, you could always try putting together a Banoffee Pie or a Tiramisu with all its Italian elegance thrown in. Most people will love a combination of coffee, mascarpone and cocoa in whichever way you choose to make it.

Always remember that presentation goes a long way, which is always true regarding desserts. Try and find some lovely small bowls, particularly when it comes to serving rich tasting sweet delights. A sprig of mint on top of an ice cream or a fruit sorbet can turn something from being quite hum-drum to what looks like a Michelin star performance. We hope you take full advantage of our 10 easy desserts for an effortless entertaining guide.