The Most Luxurious Foods in the World

Sometimes it's a great thing to simply indulge! Eating exquisite luxury foods is something that can make a meal into a real experience. The first time you taste caviar or drink French Champagne are times in your life that really should be savoured and the memories logged for all time. Whether you celebrate a wedding with a luxury food starter or treat your partner by ordering 'big' in a restaurant, it can all be a very pleasurable. Here at Fooddiez we have chosen a few luxury food favourites that might just tempt you!

Kobe Beef

This is one of the finest beef meats known to man! Beef cattle raised only in the Hyogo Prefecture of Japan are fed the most nutritious organic feed and get to graze on the greenest of pasture lands. Naturally, very strict regulations ensure the very limited supply of Wagyu beef cattle produces the famed melt-in-your-mouth texture that can be finely sliced.

The cows can only be raised and slaughtered in Wagyu to be certified as Kobe beef. The cows are a black cattle breed called Tajima. Kobe Beef is rated as having a Beef Marbling Score of 6 or higher.


The excellent lobster is a shellfish that is usually steamed and enjoyed as a luxury main mail or as a starter. This highly prized seafood was once back in the 19th Century fed to servants as it was seen as something unfit for the aristocrats of the time. It is a great source of protein and the good news for your heart is that it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids! This is now a very expensive food and has a hefty price tag. The most famous dish is probably a Lobster Thermidor.


From the beautiful crocus flower saffron is mightily expensive per gram but adds such an incredible colour and fragrance to many different dishes that top chefs make sure they budget for it. It takes thousands of flowers to produce just one ounce of saffron.


Back in the days of Hogarth's 'Gin Lane' oysters were seen as the food for the lower classes. Oh how times change! They are now seen as part of the ultimate fine dining experience and top restaurants make sure they get the very best and freshest for their patrons.

They are eaten raw and so you either love them or hate them! Best paired with a glass or two of fizz!

White Truffles

The going price for the White Alba Truffle is around $40,000 for a pound of these wonderfully aromatic pungent fungi. In ancient times they were thought to have unique healing properties. They are wonderful just grated on to fresh pasta dishes or even on eggs. They are only to be found in very special habitats and are notoriously difficult to grow. They also take years to cultivate and are not easy to store. The flavours are earthy, meaty and gamy and most especially are unique in this regard.

Edible Gold Leaf

Yes, eating gold is possible and not just an invented fantasy by a chef who has hit the bottle! It is usually used to decorate the very finest of chocolates and desserts. Presently, if you are considering indulging your senses, the current market price for gold leaf is about $15,000 per pound! Do please bear this in mind if you drop it when you are decorating.

Whenever you have the chance try and taste some of these extraordinary luxury foods as there is a good reason for certain price tags. So, all you Fooddiez out there must try and tick off a few of these from the luxury wish list! Enjoy!