Quick Vegetarian Recipes

For the meat-lovers out there, it is time to look away! As much and all as meat can be an asset on your dish, there are those among us who choose to abstain and avoid eating animals. And there is nothing wrong with that. The health benefits alone from maintaining a vegetarian diet are impressive. And I haven’t got to the magnificent taste sensations one derives from a vegetable dish.  

So, instead of salivating at the thought of roast meats, why not give your salivary glands a job at the thought of tasting roasted potatoes with glazed carrots and parsnips?  

There are countless recipes and dishes that eschew the supposed virtues meat. You potentially could be spoilt by the magnificent deliciousness of dishes like vegetarian fajitas or pineapple fried rice. Why not go down the delectable road of pea and leek lasagne or gnocchi with mushroom and blue cheese? 

All vegetarians recognise and appreciate the absolute versatility of all vegetables. The recipes and wonderful dishes available and easily sourced are abundant. And that abundance is packed full of amazing ideas that will delight your senses, keep you healthy and fill your stomach.  

Never underestimate the power and the flavour of any vegetable. Many, if not all of them have been here long before we ever took breath. And they will be here long after we shuffle off this mortal coil.  

Hundreds of millions of years cannot be wrong, so put down that steak and roast some potatoes, fry some mushrooms and enjoy what the ancient earth has forever offered.