Snack Ideas for Kids

The enormity of parenthood is not one to be sneezed at. It is a constant struggle that is filled with moments of unexplainable joy and deep frustration. Where a parent may find themselves locked in nightmare of pure cluelessness because of food, comes a light of hope, dressed in a cape of food solutions.

Yes indeed, there are ways to satiate the rages of a hungry child. Simply put, snacks. Tasty, healthy and happiness-inducing snacks. Turn those snotty monsters into pristine angels. There will be no need to call a priest to conduct an exorcism, for the right snack will banish those hunger demons away. 

Tasty delights will delight your frazzled brain. You will stand aghast, as your child will turn from Frankenstein’s monster into a cherub from a Renaissance painting. And none of these food ideas will break the bank or ruin your head.  

Delicious delights can vary from simple dishes like Mini Zucchini Pizzas, homemade peanut butter to cheesy cauliflower breadsticks. Don’t be afraid to ban the easy phone-call for pizza. There is an astounding array of healthier options lurking in your fridge and cupboard.  

Put the crucifix away, there’s no need for it. Keep the devil at bay by using the recipe ideas found here, to make healthy and delicious snacks for your kids. They’re not possessed. They're just hungry.