12 Healthy Spring Menu Ideas for 2022

Spring is a time for renewal and growth. We should be looking to replace our heavier winter diets with a lighter, fresher and a health promoting diet. This can be done with the large quantity of seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables coming into season now.

The farmers and local markets will be bursting with these fresh crops and seasonal delights, it is the perfect opportunity to get out there and be inspired. Connect with the merchants, immerse yourself in the season and this will really help you get in the mindset of eating and cooking healthy recipes this year.

We have compiled a fantastic list of 12 recipes that will not only dazzle and impress, but will make you feel healthier, give you more energy and help you shed the last of your winter weight. We want you to use these recipes to inspire your home cooking styles and make great changes in your life to promote and create a healthier lighter version of yourself.

You will quickly realize how versatile these recipes are and the potential you have to alter them to your own dietary or personal taste requirements. It is the perfect time of year to host and use your new found cooking skills to bring people together through the median of food.