Traditional Mediterranean foods

The Mediterranean is such an excellent region for many reasons, and food is just one element that helps define this delightful part of the world. The 'Mediterranean diet' is a curious term that implies foods that are rich in fresh flavours and that can even be a health boost. The Mediterranean is a large geographic area that includes France, Cyprus, Spain, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Morocco and Portugal! In terms of describing eating and food culture, we are rather spoilt for choice, but there are a few flavours and elements that are common to all these sun-blessed kitchens!

Olives and Olive Oil

Olives are one such attribute that the Mediterranean has to offer in abundance. For many, it is the one thing that hits you as soon as you begin travelling in the region that so many dishes are cooked with a glug or two of fine-quality olive oil. The olive itself varies enormously from region to region. In Greece, large black olives are more typical, the Nocellara from Sicily is the green type and in France, the Nicoise Salad wouldn't hit the spot without the addition of olives from Nice! The funny fact about olives is that they are almost inedible! Yes, without the ingenious curing and fermenting processes, we would not indulge in this key part of our culinary pleasures.

Pasta is An Essential

Various types of pasta are another significant element in the Mediterranean! Italy is the obvious starting point, but there are so many variants. On the Greek islands' Kritharaki' and Skioufihta' are the names for the local pasta that accompany meats and local dishes. In Morocco, couscous dominates our desire for carbohydrates through delicious grains.

You’ll Be Hooked on Fish

Fish is another excellent component of the 'Med' and is a part of both street foods and fine dining. The Italians love 'Cacciucco' a fish stew, or if you are in Greece try out 'Psarosoupa' for a typical way to consume the fruits of the sea. There is so much wonderful coastline that when you are by the sea, just try anything that is fresh and locally caught.

Meaty Delights

Dried, cured and salted meats provide many great light meals in the region. Whether it is the salami and prosciutto of Italy or the chorizo of Spain, we are quite spoilt for choice when we want a few cold cuts. If you are in France it is the saucisson that is well worth trying on a plate of charcuterie delights! This is often when the olives and local breads play their part in providing us all with something simple but scrumptious!

So much of Mediterranean cooking also comes down to good onions and great garlic as a base for the region's classic dishes. Whether it is fried in a little olive oil or crushed raw in a salad this is a key ingredient that needs to be appreciated.

A Cheesy Finish

For so many visitors cheese is one of the great ways to end a meal. From Parmigiano in Italy to tasty sheep and goats milk cheeses including halloumi and feta cheese there is definitely a whole world of taste to explore. Although, Mediterranean cheese are not as famed as their northern counterparts are, there are so many beautiful cheeses to tick off on your foodiez checklist!