10 Tasty Ways to Cook Salmon

There are many benefits of eating salmon. It is creamy, meaty and full of healthy fats. Plus, not only is it delicious, but it's also extremely easy to cook. Whether you prefer it seared, crispy, delicately poached, on the grill or slow roasted, all these cookings are extremely easy to achieve.


Before you dive into our ten delicious salmon recipes described below, there is one tip we want to offer you. It is always important to buy a large piece of salmon. Depending on the season and the type of salmon, its color can range from pale pink to coral, so don't worry too much about the color. Instead, look for salmon with oily, moist flesh. If you can see the skin, it should be shiny but not slimy. If you can touch the fish, poke it with your finger. The flesh should come back and there should be no visible bump. If the fish looks a little dull and grayish or if it is being kept in a watery pool wrapped in shrink wrap it is probably best to go for another piece of salmon Once you have purchased your salmon then you can start exploring the recipes below. All are easy and delicious, and you'll be sure to appreciate and enjoy the results of your work.