The 10 Most Popular Dinners of All Time!

There are many reasons for certain foods and recipes to become very popular and be a part of our daily lives. Certain dishes just work. Many essential family recipes and go-to foods are because of a combination of factors. The availability of ingredients is one such reason, as it is all very well occasionally following extensive ingredient listings for special meals, but on a day-to-day basis family meals need to be an easy shop. Shopping for many might mean a trip to the local supermarket, and so quite often, we are limited somewhat by what's on offer, and what recipes become popular can often be using quite common meats, fruits and vegetables.

One common factor of top-rated meals is that they do not involve any over complicated techniques or methods but rather allow some flexibility of the execution of a recipe. Popular classics enable the cook to tweak recipes to fit with personal taste and preferences. The truly remarkable thing about this is that some of these staples allow the personality of the chef to shine with these small changes from a standard recipe format.

It's all about the finishing touches that add so much to popular foods that allow the dish itself to be re-invented time and time again.

Here we have gathered the ten most popular dinner dishes so that you can discover just how easy they are to make for yourself.