20 Best Lunch Ideas to Recover From the Cold

This is the most fantastic time of year for eating bowls of steaming hot food. When the weather is starting to get really bitter and cold then it’s a time for using all those heavy robust recipes that are exactly the ones you might want to avoid in the high summer months!

If ever there is an opportunity for food to really bring a smile to the faces of all your guests, it’s after a cold refreshing walk in a freezing forest or after a bit of exercise out in the minuses.

For the home cook, this can be seen as the best time of year to make the family feel loved through a plate or two of something delicious.

Whether it’s a one-pot casserole or a dish full of eastern spices, it’s fun to choose a menu that will warm up the coldest of guests and bring some joy to the dining table. Don’t be shy of meats with a bit more fat running through them, as this is exactly what the body craves at this time of year. Remember how satisfying a nice bit of crackling is with roast pork or how fabulous it is using the duck fat on those roast potatoes. Well, this is the perfect time!

Here we provide you with 20 ideas for warming lunches that will fortify you for the afternoon ahead.