How to Make Dinner in 5 Minutes

As the saying goes, ‘The proof is in the pudding’. This pearl of wisdom is especially true in this instance, as we are about to do a deep dive into the world of 5-minute dinner ideas. These uncomplicated choices are the perfect alternative to those microwave oven-based atrocities that we sometimes refer to as ‘food’. So, sit back and be inspired by these very easy and wonderfully tasty quick dinner ideas. Fear not, for there is nothing intimidating or even mesmeric here. Just simplicity at its most divine.

  1. 3 ingredient stir-fry

The hint is in the title. Heat up a pan with a bit of oil over medium heat. Add your fully-cooked meat, or for the vegetarians, tofu and, quite simply grace this with your favourite sauces and a couple of desired vegetables. Serve upon leftover rice. Done.

  1. Cauliflower Fried Rice

Heat up a pan with oil over medium, sauté some cauliflower rice with other veggies (fresh or frozen), and add a sauce of your choice. Teriyaki is a tasty road to go down, but it is an open house when it comes to your preference sauce-wise. A carb-free delight. Done.

  1. Vegetable Sandwich

I adore and devour mine with toasted wheat bread, tons of avocado, red peppers, hummus, and cracked black pepper. Salivating yet? Come on! Use your favourite sandwich fillers and enjoy your day! It’s not rocket science. (Although Rocket leaves are always a welcome addition to any sandwich). Be brave. Done.

  1. Mac and Cheese

You can’t go wrong with a classic and this dish is certainly that. For a rich and creamy mac and cheese in the comfort of your home, all you need to do is grab some cooked pasta and mix it with some homemade cheese sauce. This sauce is simple to achieve. Butter, flour and cheese is all you need. For a delectable and delicious meal in 5 minutes, mac and cheese is your ticket. Done.

  1. Pita Pocket

Get your pita into a toaster and once toasted, fill it with any ingredients your stomach desires. These could be anything from cooked chicken to hummus with cucumber to ham and cheese. Remarkably versatile, pita pockets are the perfect choice for food on-the-go. Done.

  1. Burrito Bowl

A warm and spicy Mexican dish will always cure what ails you, and this 5-minute dish will do just that. Make sure to prep all your desired toppings ahead of time so you can put them all in a dish with whatever meat you want and heat it. Delicious comfort food right there. Done.

  1. Lettuce Wraps

These are beyond simple with the added benefit of being healthy and carb-free. All you need is the fillings of your choice, be that be coleslaw, meat, tofu or even left-over stir-fry. Wrap them up in fresh lettuce leaves and off you go! Done.

  1. Spicy Quesadilla

This classic only requires two ingredients. A tortilla and cheese. Add your cheese in between two tortillas (or one tortilla folded in half) and cook over medium heat. Cook until the cheese is melted and the tortilla is crispy. For those who desire an extra spicy kick, add some taco seasoning. Serve with some salsa or guacamole and you are ready to indulge in pure deliciousness. Done.

  1. Cheesy Eggs in a Skillet

The versatility of the humble egg is undeniable. Packed full of protein and easy to cook, the egg is a food you should always have in your kitchen. For this dish sauté some veggies and/or sausage of your choice over medium heat, make three wells, and crack your eggs in the wells. Sprinkle on some cheese and season the eggs with your favourite herbs and spices. Finally, cover the pan with a plate and turn off the heat. Let the pan sit for 3-4 minutes to allow all the flavours to seep into each other. Done.

  1. Delicious Ramen

This dish is a keeper and packed full of flavour. Simmer some broth on the stove and add leftover spaghetti, cooked noodles or even instant ramen. Add whatever meat or vegetables you want and you are left with a taste sensation. Done.

  1. Fish Tostada

Here’s a quick and tasty idea if you enjoy a Taco Tuesday. Sprinkle some cooked fish on to your tostada and any or all other classic taco toppings and there you have it! A delicious and simple Mexican delight. Done.

  1. Indian-Spiced Vegetables and Paneer/Chicken

For a simple and delicious taste of India take cooked chicken or paneer (Indian cheese) and veggies, sauté them, and add in curry powder, salt, garlic, minced onion, and lemon juice. The flavours from this dish will have you salivating and delighted. Done.

  1. Zoodles

Spiralize courgette into thin noodles using a spiralizer. Prepare them like pasta -tossed in olive oil, garlic, chopped tomatoes, spinach, and ground turkey or chicken. This is a quick, easy and delicious meal that is healthy and fresh. Done.

  1. Hummus Bowl

This one is not difficult to figure out. It’s pretty much self-evident from the name. Spread some hummus at the bottom of the bowl and add whatever toppings you'd like. Some delicious options can include cucumbers, chicken, and plain yogurt. But really, it’s up to individual preferences. For optimal dipping, don’t forget to toast some pita. Done.

  1. English Muffin Pizza

Take pretty much any form of bread (French bread, a bagel, or an English muffin, to name but a few), spread on some tomato sauce, and add any cheese or whatever toppings you'd like. These could include smoked ham, chicken or mushrooms. Pop it in the oven until the cheese is melted. Done.


These are just a few examples of how quick and easy delicious dishes can be made with minimal fuss. Do yourself a favour and give the microwave oven a rest. You won’t regret it. Cooking shouldn’t be stressful or time-consuming and these dishes prove that.