23 Lunches for the Fall

Just like an impressionist painting, the fall brings a wonderful tapestry of colours to our gardens and forests. This can be a great inspiration for all cooks to change gear from the summer months and start to use a slightly different palette of ingredients for those special lunches with friends and family.

Nature offers so many great colours, from the dark brown hues of mushrooms cooked with onion or the rich orange of pumpkin. The artist in you can offset these with greens of Kale or Brussel Sprouts that make an appearance in our local shops and markets. You can always add a nice sprinkle of fresh green parsley to a casserole or slow cooked hot pot.

The main trick to an enjoyable lunch with guests is that it is essential to prepare carefully and avoid any last-minute panics. One suggestion is that if you cook a seasonal soup the day before, not only will it taste great but you really don’t need to do too much on the day. Why not grab some mushrooms or leeks and enjoy making a delicious soup, then all you need to add on the day are some fresh croutons and a carefully matched wine to delight your lunch guests.

In fact, some foods just get better if they have been made a few hours before as the flavours of casseroles or slow cooked poultry or lamb is second to none. Start exploring the recipes on this day and you’ll never be stuck for fall lunch inspiration again.