What Should I Cook in February?

The big question is where and how did January disappear in such a hurry! Time flies, and because of this, we need to try and aim for quality in our lives wherever possible. This means for all of us at Fooddiez slowing things down a little and adding just that little bit extra je ne sais pas to the dishes we cook for our friends and families is our culinary goal!

It’s clear that we can divide the food world between fast and slow, the fast foods of the high streets may well be tasty but are not the healthiest for us. So it’s great to try and slow things down a little and ponder over some new and challenging flavour profiles! One of the great things to cook at this time of year is winter vegetables, so take a look at some of our inspiring ways to cook with veggies in February!

Broccoli Your Time is Now!

Broccoli is a superb winter vegetable that has often been described as a ‘wonder food’ due to its great nutritional and antioxidant profile. One great take on the broccoli front is to make a raw salad with this health bomb of a green! The main consideration is to use a sharp knife and cut up finely into bite-sized pieces. If it is too big, it will not feel good as you chew on it too much. One great flavour contrast is to toast a handful of sunflower seeds and add this to the salad!

Here is all you need to make an excellent and different winter broccoli salad:

  • 1 whole fresh broccoli
  • A finely chopped onion
  • Toasted sunflower seeds
  • Parmigiano - coarsely grated
  • A homemade vinaigrette dressing

So, in a large rustic bowl, simply toss together the fine broccoli pieces with the onion, toasted sunflower seeds and then pour over a rich dressing of your choice. The dressing can be made from olive oil and white wine vinegar and perhaps add a little finely chopped garlic for a little kick to the dish! Finally, grate a little Parmigiano and sprinkle on top to add a little extra depth to this wild crunchy salad!

Cabbage Is King

One other great suggestion for this February is by utilising the cabbage in different ways. Thankfully, the days of over-cooked cabbage as a staple side dish to meat and potatoes have long gone! White, Savoy and Red Cabbage can add wonderful flavours and textures to your February repertoire.

This suggestion is a crunchy, vegan heaven! Coarsely grate white cabbage, carrot, onion, bulghur wheat and add fresh coriander as a garnish. Drizzle with a bit of olive oil and season! This is a perfect light side or main meal that is full of healthy things. One nice variation could be with adding brown lentils or a different type of grain like couscous.

Cauliflower Steaks

One great and innovative way to use cauliflower this season is to make ‘cauliflower steaks’. All you need to do is to select a nice-sized, firm and fresh cauliflower and then, using a decent chef’s knife, slice it into 1-inch-thick slices.

Then brush the steaks with olive oil and then, place gently onto a baking sheet and place in a hot oven. The temperature is vital as we want the cauliflower to be a nice golden brown and tender inside. The best setting would be around 225 Degrees and in the upper half of the oven for about 20 to 25 minutes.

The cauliflower steaks can be served on a bed of brown rice and delicious with a spoon of hummus or plain tahini. Alternatively, this can be served with a yoghurt style of dressing. Delicious!