8 Watermelon Recipes You'll Crave

When people think of summer, they think of joyous things such as having a picnic in the middle of a park or even at the beach. When it comes to a typical summer picnic, one food is absolutely essential, watermelon.

There are many reasons why watermelons are so incredibly popular during summertime. First and foremost, it's super healthy and it doesn't contain many calories at all, making it the perfect snack. Secondly, it is immensely tasty. Thirdly and finally, as the name suggests, watermelons consist primarily of water. Therefore, eating watermelon is the perfect solution if you are feeling too hot because of the sunny weather. In short, it is refreshing and hydrating.

When you imagine eating a watermelon, you probably think of simply cutting it up into slices. While this is a great way to eat a watermelon, you might be surprised to find out that there are many other ways to eat watermelon. In fact, you can get really creative with watermelons when it comes to creating a delicious meal.