11 Cost-Effective and Healthy Meals

Unfortunately, the vast majority of us cannot afford to dine out all the time or hire a personal chef and nutritionist to look after our meals. However, even on a very small budget, there are still plenty of healthy meals that you can enjoy that are not particularly difficult to prepare.

There is a common misconception that healthy food is very expensive. While it is true that healthy food usually costs a bit more than junk food, you will find that with careful planning and meal preparation, it is possible to find healthy recipes that are very cheap.

Whether you are an experienced cook or a complete beginner, there are suitable recipes that are cheap, healthy and easy to follow. We have gathered a collection of them on this page to help you find some inspiration. Take the time to look through them to see which appeal. Then, write down the ingredients and head out shopping. If you can find generic brands and are prepared to shop around a bit, then none of the recipes on this page will set you back a huge amount of money.

Hopefully a number of them will appeal and you can enjoy making them all over the coming weeks.