How to Open a Watermelon

Watermelon is the perfect snack to get you through the warmer summer months. It is tasty, filling and since watermelons are so large, you can easily share them with your friends. However, opening and cutting a watermelon can make quite a mess if you don't do it correctly. To help you out in this department though, here are the three easiest ways to open and cut a watermelon!

Slice and Dice the Watermelon

First and foremost, the easiest way to cut a watermelon is the old-fashioned way. As always, it is important that you start by washing your watermelon. Then, proceed by taking the entire watermelon and putting it on a large cutting board. Take a large knife and cut the watermelon in half, from the stem to the bottom. Take one half of the watermelon and put it with the flat side faced down. Again, cut this half in two from the top all the way to the bottom. Do the same with the other half of the watermelon. Now, you will have 4 pieces. The goal is to slice these pieces. The best way to achieve this goal is by slicing crosswise. This will result in gorgeous slices of watermelon that fit right into your hand and are easy to eat. You won't even have to remove the peel in order for this method to work, you can just eat off of it.

A More Elaborate Way to Cut a Watermelon

Now, there is another way to cut a watermelon that is slightly more elaborate. With this method, you first have to cut the top and the bottom of your watermelon. Once you have done so, it should be no problem to let the watermelon stand upright, which gives you better access to dice it later on. Again, use a large knife for the best results. When the top and bottom parts of the watermelon are removed, cut the watermelon in half. Then, cut both halves in two again. You can go on with cutting each part in half until you reach the desired size regarding your watermelon pieces.

Once you have your preferred size, it is time to remove the watermelon peel. Use a sharp knife for this task. With your knife in one hand, you should use your other hand to keep each watermelon piece steady. This will ensure that you can gently slice along the peel and that you don't lose any watermelon flesh.

Now, you can use a knife but there is another method of removing watermelon peel. An enterprising woman uploaded a video where she replaced a knife with floss. She held a string of floss tightly with two hands and smoothly removed the watermelon flesh from the peel. You can use this hack if you ever feel like eating watermelon but you don't have access to a knife.

Either way, whether you use a knife or floss, you will have beautiful pieces of watermelon. If you would rather have cubes than slices though, you could cut your slices into cubes. This doesn't require any further explanation.

Cut a Watermelon into Little Cubes

The third and final method to cut a watermelon is recommended if you are looking for the fastest way to cut your watermelon into cubes. To achieve this, you start the same way as you did with the second method. Take your watermelon and then take the top and bottom parts off. Then, cut your watermelon into round slices. Start from the top and go all the way to the bottom. The thickness depends on your preferences, of course, but a guiding principle is that the slices should be about 1 inch.

Once you have all your round slices, grab your knife. Use that knife to cut in a circular motion around each slice to remove the peel. Once this is done, all you need to do is make vertical and horizontal cuts into each slice. This way, you will end up with watermelon cubes!