20 Ways to Cook Delicious Gnocchi

Gnocchi is a form of dumplingthat has its origins in Italy. It is very simple to make, with just semolina, wheat flour, egg, cheese, potato, and a few other ingredients. However, it is far from boring and there is a great amount of variation to be found.

Italians have been enjoying gnocchi since Roman times. It is thought that it was introduced by the Roman legions during the expansion of the empire. Today, gnocchi is often eaten as a first course as an alternative to soups or pasta. Very often it is accompanied by melted butter with sage, pesto and various different sauces.

One of the best things about gnocchi is that it is very easy to prepare and extremely difficult to ruin. Furthermore, it is a relatively cheap food and it is filling, so you do not need much of it. On this page you will find twenty different recipes with something for every taste, from meat and chicken sauces, to vegetarian options and more. Take the time to explore them all. You are bound to find at least one that appeals and you can get to work in the kitchen straightaway.