20 Epic Pasta Bake Recipes

On many occasions a pasta bake is the perfect solution. They are easy to prepare, don’t take very long, comforting, and can be nutritious and filling. Whether you are cooking for yourself, have a family to feed, or need something easy for a dinner party, a pasta bake is always a good option.

In its most basic form, a pasta bake is pretty much just pasta and a white source and as such, many people are under the miscomprehension that pasta bakes are plain and bland dishes. However, this is an unfairly simplistic view of the dish. There is the potential for great versatility and creativity.

In fact, some pasta bake recipes are extremely imaginative, resulting in a flavoursome dish that will never fail to impress. You will find recipes that call for a variety of cheeses, vegetables, meats, and herbs, truly elevating the humble dish to a culinary delight.

Here we have gathered together 20 different pasta bake recipes that we believe are worthy of greater attention. There is something here for every taste so that you can be sure of finding something that appeals. Take a look through the recipes below and discover for yourself how amazing a pasta bake can truly be.