Chocolate Peppermint Candies

Chocolate Peppermint Candies
The recipe Chocolate Peppermint Candies can be made in approximately 20 minutes. For 19 cents per serving, you get a hor d'oeuvre that serves 36. Watching your figure? This gluten free recipe has 157 calories, 1g of protein, and 6g of fat per serving. This recipe from Taste of Home requires confectioners' sugar, peppermint extract, condensed milk, and shortening. It is a very budget friendly recipe for fans of Central American food. It is perfect for Christmas. If you like this recipe, take a look at these similar recipes: Chocolate Chip Meringues with Ice Cream, Peppermint Candies and Chocolate-Mint Sauce, Sunbutter Chocolate Candies, and Chocolate Coconut Candies.


In a bowl, combine milk and extract. Stir in 3-1/2 to 4 cups confectioners' sugar to form a stiff dough. Turn onto a surface sprinkled lightly with confectioners' sugar. Knead in enough remaining sugar to form a dough that is very stiff and no longer sticky. Shape into 1-in. balls.
Ingredients you will need
Powdered SugarPowdered Sugar
Equipment you will use
Place on a waxed paper-lined baking sheet. Flatten into 1-1/2-in. circles.
Equipment you will use
Baking SheetBaking Sheet
Let dry 1 hour. Turn and let dry 1 hour longer. Melt chocolate chips and shortening in a double boiler or microwave-safe bowl; cool slightly. Dip patties in chocolate mixture and place on waxed paper to harden.
Ingredients you will need
Chocolate ChipsChocolate Chips
Equipment you will use
Double BoilerDouble Boiler

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Moet & Chandon White Star ()
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