How to Make a Romantic Dinner

It's time to treat your special one, your 'prize', the better half, the love of your life or however you like to call the person you love!

Planning and cooking a romantic meal for two can be a great experience, and careful planning can also be great fun and rewarding. Most of us want to sometimes show our love and depending on your level of cooking skills an intimate dinner for two can be the perfect way to go about this.

After all, most of the time, we cook food to sustain ourselves instead of raising the bar of love! So here at Fooddiez we have put together a few ideas about making sure things in the love kitchen go to plan! Dim the lights and get ready to seduce with our romantic dinner guide!

Busy Lives

First of all, let's make sure that if we are going to put in the hours, slaving over a hot stove, we have a dinner date actually present! So, our advice is to send out the message that you are going to cook something special and to forget about all else that evening! If you have kids, then whatever else you do, make sure you have a babysitter around to entertain them or at least make sure they haven't accessed the latest, biggest series on Netflix so you can sit them down and give them the green light to binge watch it!

Plan that Menu like you mean it…

If you don't plan then it'll be a flop.

The most important thing is to organise everything, including where to buy the key ingredients from and what recipes you will use. One very handy suggestion is to save any of your favourite Fooddiez recipe suggestions to your desktop or notebook so that you can refresh your memory and cook with a purpose! One straightforward method is to email any recipe you need to yourself. If you give the 'subject' header a clear title, it'll be easy to find later!

The Menu

One thing for sure is that if you live with your partner, you really should know their eating preferences. So, if you really want to show your love, it is vital to build your menu around your lovers taste instead of cooking something for yourself!

Perhaps, your partner is a vegetarian, vegan or prefers a gluten-free diet. These days there are so many great recipes that will inspire no matter how restricted a person's diet may be. All you need to do is type in a few key words and you'll be able to put together a menu that will delight a loved one!

A Few Days Before

Whatever you don't leave the buying of crucial ingredients to the last minute! The typical problem is that you plan on using some lovely ripe avocados in your themed menu and a few hours before 'kick off' you realise that the only avocados available are over-priced and hard!

So, when you need any off-the-shelf ingredients then make sure you make your purchases a few days before.

Practice makes Perfect

If you are a bit of a newbie to all this, then avoid stressing by cooking the meal for a 'guinea pig' friend who can keep it secret! Yes, if you plan on going all out 'Michelin' then it really is a good idea to have a test run and even cook it for yourself before the big night!

However you manage your dinner of love, enjoy and cherish these special moments! Bon appetite.