Everything You Need to Know About Traditional German Foods

German food is characterized by diversity and exquisite flavors. These dishes are sourced from locally grown produce that makes the food hearty and comforting to the taste. As such, it is safe to say that Germany's food options go beyond your typical sausage and sauerkraut.

Ultimately, Germany has a lot to offer when it comes to its traditional dishes. Indeed, this is a rich country you don't want to miss out on your next food trip. Read on to learn about some of Germany’s traditional dishes.

Königsberger Klopse

When thinking about traditional German food, this exquisite dish of meatballs should check the top of your list. This tasty dish got its namesake from the capital of East Prussia, Königsberger. Doused in an aromatic and creamy white sauce and green capers, this meatball dish is both loved by grandparents and children alike.

In traditional German cuisine, Königsberger Klopse is mixed with minced meat, garlic, anchovies, salt, pepper, and other spices. Also, the comforting feeling exuded by this dish is credited to the capers and lemon juice added to it. In the cities of Berlin and Brandenburg, this dish is commonly found in homes and restaurants.


This traditional German food may not be the most appealing to the eye, but it sure will satisfy your stomach. Tracing back the history of the seafarers of Northern Germany, labskaus is mashed up with onions, potatoes, pickles, and salted meat that add flavor to the dish. Most importantly, this dish is best served with pickled rollmops and gherkin that elevate the flavor of the food.

Today, this food is popular in the cities of Kiel, Bremen, and Hamburg. As a culinary specialty, this dish is still considered one of the best German food to cure hangovers. As they say, this food is a beautiful mess you don't want to miss out on.

Brot & Brötchen

In translation, this food refers to a German loaf of bread. Commonly, this bread is enjoyed at every meal of the day. For breakfast, lunch, or dinner, this bread is best paired with meat rolls on the side.

It is safe to say that Germans do love their bread. The country boasts a wide array of bread - white bread, rye, and wheat - that brings a hearty and fulfilling meal. In comparison to the loaves of bread from Spain and Italy, Brot & Brötchen are heavier and packed with ingredients.


This is one of the popular traditional German foods and in appearance, it is similar to French fries. This food is considered more of a snack eaten on the go. Commonly, currywurst is a plate full of chopped sausages, chips, and spicy ketchup placed on the side. The umami flavor from this snack makes you want to eat more and pair it with a pilsner.

The city of Berlin is sprawled by stalls and kiosks that sell currywurst on every corner. As such, it is no wonder that this city has become famous for this much-loved snack. People from all over the world do not miss the chance to taste currywurst if they happen to visit Germany or the city of Berlin.


There is an argument about the origins of this dish. Most people claim that schnitzel has its roots in Austria and not in Germany. However, truth be told, this dish originally came from Italy.

The German schnitzel is primarily made of tenderized meat such as pork, veal, or beef. Then, it is breaded and fried and then ladled with a variety of special sauces. Commonly, mushroom sauce is poured on top of this dish. Another popular option is a creamy white sauce mixed with bell pepper.

Essentially, almost everything goes well with this traditional German dish, ranging from crispy fried potatoes to cold and fresh apple wine, there really are no bad options.

Kartoffelpuffer & Bratkartoffeln

A Kartoffelpuffer German dish has a striking resemblance to a pancake. Commonly, this dish is paired with mashed potatoes, eggs, and bacon during breakfast. Also, there is a side portion of sliced meat and applesauce that is perfect to be eaten during lunch and dinner.

On the other hand, Bratkartoffeln is Germany's take on the classic fried mashed potatoes. This dish is fried with onions or bacon fat and then enjoyed during any meal or breakfast. This is why Kartoffelpuffer & Bratkartoffeln are paired together as a traditional German dishes, as they accompany each other perfectly

Many More

Germany is home to many more traditional foods that you will not want to miss out on if you ever visit the country such as Käsespätzle, Rouladen, Eintopf, Sauerbraten, and more. It is a truly rich culinary tradition and one that contains something for every taste.